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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost : The economist

Not caring for Miles’ bad attitude and nickname giving is Sawyer’s domain. Frank promises to fly Sayid off the island in exchange for Charlotte. Sounds like Sayid will try diplomacy with Locke rather than shooting him, unlike is flash forwards where we see him playing a friendly round of golf with the Spanish Alfred Molina. Had Letterman been there, he could have said, “No wagering please.” When Sayid mentions being one of the Oceanic 6, all bets are off and bang bang, Señor Molina, whoever he was, is dead.

While Sayid, Kate and Irascible Miles search for the Locke Gang, Juliet retrieves Desmond who demands to know why Naomi had the picture of him and Pen. Frank didn’t hang around with Naomi in the cafeteria since she was senior management. The possibly schizoid or at least bipolar Dan performs some experiments with a tripod and beacon which proves “far more than weird.” I don’t know what that was about, but am sure it’s been dissected in detail by the Internet People, since it involved the Numbers. Locke can’t find Jacob’s movable cabin. Sawyer wishes he could send a certain little piggy (Ben) to market. Hurley didn’t sign up for hostages but Locke feels they’re beyond compromise and he’s the one making the decisions. “Is that gonna be a problem for ya?”

Soon Sayid’s Gang find Hurley tied up in an Other house. He claims Locke left him but it’s really a trap. Sorry dude. Sawyer guards Kate, wondering why she wants to return home when nothing awaits them. He’d rather stay on the island and play house. Locke and Sayid agree the Boat People are liars and they need to find out who they are and what they want. Ben’s spy on the boat is a secret. Sayid ends up returning to Jack and Frank with Charlotte. He traded Miles for her. Dan warns Frank to follow the exact same bearing when flying the chopper. Roger that.

Back in the future, Sayid chats up Elsa in a Berlin café. There’s discussion of his Employer and her Employer and dinner and whatnot. Sayid mentions that people will ask what happened to her Employer and she realizes Sayid used her to get to him. Sayid tries to explain her Employer is on some list and not an economist but she shoots him in the shoulder. He grabs a gun and kills her, which he feels bad about, if that’s any consolation. She appears to be wearing the same bracelet as Naomi. For help with the bullet, Sayid goes to what might be a veterinary clinic and explains to his Employer that Elsa was trying to get info on who he works for. And that would be… Ben. So, is he working for Ben in the present?

Until the next episode, check out Lost : the Rock Opera.


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