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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lost : the beginning of the end

I’m not sure where we left off but it doesn’t matter since I didn’t understand what was going on back then anyway. Some guy from the possible rescue boat (George?) calls and wants to speak to Naomi. She’s gone “to get some firewood,” a euphemism for having a knife thrown in her back by Locke. But wait, she’s not quite dead and has crawled away. Jack and Danielle go looking for her but lose her trail almost as fast as Jack loses the phone to Kate who embarks on her own search. She’s tackled by Naomi falling from a tree onto her. Naomi claims she was only trying to help rescue them. Kate reminds her that Locke acted on his own. When the Boat People call, Naomi lies and says she was wounded by a branch. She helps them change their tracking frequency, then dies.

Hurley sees Desmond/Scotty return with the canoe but no Charlie. Bummer, dude. Later Hurley stumbles on the shack of whatever the Head Honcho’s name was (Joseph? Jonah?) but it may not really be there. Locke finds the disoriented Hurley and reminds him Charlie can’t have died for nothing. Then Jack comes along and clocks Locke a good one and grabs his gun. Locke’s sure Jack won’t shoot him but Jack pulls the trigger. Good thing the gun wasn’t loaded. Locke still asserts that he acted in everyone’s best interest while Jack thinks he blew up every chance they had to get off the island. Locke’s going to the barracks where he’ll have some security from the Boat People. Hurley goes with, as do Claire, Sayid and some others.

In the flash forwards, Jack watches the police chase a vintage Camero on the news. Turns out Hurley is driving. He’s cornered and tries to make a run for it, despite his weight. Then he tries for lenience by reminding the officers he’s one of the Oceanic 6. We guess Kate and Jack are two of those six, leaving three Lostaways who probably escaped. But who? Ana Lucia’s partner questions Hurley but has a lot to learn from Jack Bauer about the fine art of interrogation. Hurley claims he never met Ana and hallucinates he’s at the submerged hatch.

Relief should come from being tossed in the nut house but first he’s visited by an Oceanic attorney who feels terrible and wants to upgrade him to a better facility. Since his business card is at home, Hurley says, “Then we’re done, dude.” Later Hurley sees Charlie who’s dead but also there and tries to convince Hurley, “They need you.” Finally Jack visits. Hurley wonders if he’s checking to see if he was going to tell. Tell what? He apologizes for going with Locke and says “It” (the island?) wants them to go back. Jack’s vehemence against it turns around in the next few months, whereupon he contacts Kate.


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