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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lost: Confirmed dead

At some point in the not too distant past, a sonar team stumbles on the sunken Oceanic airplane off the coast of Bali. Physicist Daniel from Mass seems upset about the news, yet ends up in a mysterious Gang of 4 in a helicopter, being pushed out onto the island during an electrical storm or similar. Kate and Jack see him and his precautionary gun. He admits their rescue is not his primary objective. Cohort Miles, a ghostbuster or soil sample collector, knows they killed Naomi because she used a code over the phone. Kate quickly rats out Locke. Miles is more concerned that the island doesn’t scan right until Jack informs him the Lostaway Calvary has guns trained on them. A signal coming towards them turns out to be Vincent, making Kate realize Locke has Chopper Gal. They find the pilot Frank who landed safely, though. He studied the plane manifest enough to know there was no Juliet Burke on flight 815 and demands she tell him where Ben is. Curiously, he was supposed to pilot the Oceanic flight that fateful day. So why didn’t he?

Hurley starts to tell Locke the cabin is in a different direction. But never mind, dude. Locke receives his orders from Walt, only taller. “Like a giant?” He didn’t ask any follow up questions because he’d be dead if he still had a kidney. Ben wonders why Sawyer thinks Kate would chose a lowlife scam artist over a fist class surgeon, causing Sawyer to go ballistic on him. They find Charlotte who has already encountered the Dharma sign on a polar bear’s collar at an archaeological dig in Tunisia. She may have encountered R2D2 too. Ben shoots her when she says she didn’t drop in to rescue them. Luckily, since she still has two kidneys, she thought to wear a bullet proof vest. Ben begs Locke not to kill him since he has answers. Not to what the monster is, but he does know the backgrounds of all four chopper gangers and know they’re a threat. Plus he knows they’re after him because he’s planted a man on their boat. Line of the episode: “What’s wrong with you people?” The show is only 60 minutes with commercials. There’s so not enough time to answer that.


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