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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lost: Eggtown

Locke takes breakfast and reading material to a captive Ben in the basement but receives only taunting in return. Kate asks to talk with Miles but Locke’s regime is not a democracy. She intercepts Hurley taking Miles lunch. He’s more than happy to let her waitress since “That dude creeps me out.” Yeah, me too. Miles (Bruce Lee from the freighter) wants to talk with Ben. Over Dharma wine in a box, Kate tries to enlist Sawyers help. He runs straight to Locke for a game of backgammon. Or to delay Locke so Kate can nab Miles. She takes him to Ben, gives them one minute to talk.

Miles knows who Ben works for and will tell him he’s already dead in exchange for 3.2 million. Call it blackmail, call it extortion. Ben has two days to come up with the money even though his “present situation is a little bit restricted.” Locke finds them all chatting and banishes Kate. Sawyer unbanishes her and promises to keep her safe. She informs him she’s not pregnant. His relief gives her an excuse to split but he knows she’ll bounce back. Locke places a live grenade in Miles’ mouth. He’s responsible for the wellbeing of the island and won’t let Miles jeopardize that. At some point during this mess, Dan calls the boat. Jack and Juliet want to make sure their friends arrived safely. What friends? Regina on the boat thought the chopper was with them.

In the flash forward, Kate’s up against the People on charges of fraud, arson, theft, murder, etc. And she has the guts to plead not guilty. She refuses to allow her lawyer to use her son at the trail. Her mother’s going to testify against her. Or not. She backs out after gibbering about the doctors giving her six months to live four years ago. Them’s some good doctors. On the witness stand, Jack testifies he and 7 others crash landed in the water and Kate miraculously took care of them, even though two didn’t survive. He says he doesn’t love her anymore. Or he does and wants to go for coffee. But he doesn’t want to see the baby. After being granted a ten year probation, Kate goes home to relieve the sitter who has the strangest line of the episode, saying, “I’m so glad you’re back.” Free might have been a better word choice since she almost went up the river for life, not just down to the Piggly Wiggly for milk. The baby in question turns out to be Aaron. So where’s Claire? Truest line of the episode: “You’re more lost than you ever were.”


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