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Monday, August 29, 2005

Bob Newhart rocks!

Movie: The Librarian: Quest for the Spear. I think I’ve been on that quest myself. I wouldn’t say this was a “wondrous adventure from which you will never be the same” but it was fun. Starring Noah Wylie as Flynn, a perpetual student with 22 degrees who’s told to get a real job and isn’t suspicious when a magical invitation to work at the Metropolitan Public Library arrives soon after. Styled similar to the Indiana Jones trilogy but far lesser in quality and special effects. I enjoyed it even though I’ve met some geeks in my time and Wylie is no geek. Some good quotes: “Don’t listen to the books if they tell you to set fires.” “We even read those accursed online blogs.” “I understand thorazine comes in vanilla now.” “If your league were to explode, I wouldn’t hear the sound for three days.” “I’ve been cahooted.” “Being a librarian is actually a pretty cool job.” Yes, it can be, except on the days when you want to puree your co-workers or hit them with a “high velocity pie of death.” Suddenly Bob Newhart is everywhere but he sure rocks! Who knew? Must be all that moo goo gai pan.


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