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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kick off the Sunday shoes

Movie: The Wedding Date. Chick flick. I have only seen the sitcom Will & Grace a few times and have never understood the appeal of either Will or Grace as their characters seem selfish, self-obsessed, narcissistic and superficial. Something I noticed in this movie that I never noticed on the TV show is that Debra Messing is pretty. Must be Grace’s personality detracts from her looks. I wouldn’t say Messing has much to offer in the acting department, though. The film’s plot is escapist romance. In an effort to make the former fiancé who broke her heart jealous (or to try win him back, I wasn’t sure), Messing hires a male escort to her sister’s wedding in London which fiancé will attend. And of course she and the escort fall for each other in a reversed Pretty Woman way. The groom was played by Coupling’s Jack Davenport who I kept expecting to take off on a rant about the inanity of cushions which would have been much welcome. The movie also would have benefited from a cameo from Kevin Bacon, reprising his reprisal of his Footloose dance as he did on Will & Grace. Overall, the movie was painless if I didn’t think that it might be sending the message that women have no value without a man in their lives.


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