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Monday, August 22, 2005

Six Feet Under Season 4

Another marathon of Six Feet Under, this time the twelve episodes of Season 4. Still not for the squeamish. The highlights:

1. Falling Into Place.
Not for the first time, not for the last, Nate turns to Brenda, but it’s not the same and she has better luck with musician Joe from across the way. Angelica has a goofy feeling in her ear that’s driving her crazy and she’s driving Vanessa & Rico crazy. Cousin Michaela’s a bit creepy. Arthur’s alphabetizing those unclaimed cremains which will come in handy. “Love that Mapquest.” “Continuing the implementation of my master plan: to be forgotten when I’m gone and to be forgettable while I’m here.”

2. In Case of Rapture.
Arthur labels his food but even though his “name is clearly marked on the yogurt container” it doesn’t help. Keith joins the Safeguard Protection Agency with orders to diffuse the situation before it becomes a situation. Rico helps out Sophia and her daughter Nicole. Brenda decides to become an analyst. A Formica debate around the Persian table. The Shining, or Claire’s latest art project, invades the Fisher’s plumbing. The plumber really knows his plumbing. George receives a package of poo in the mail.

3. Parallel Play.
Claire has “bi-curious issues.” A poo gift basket arrives for George who admits he’s made a lot of enemies through the years because “geology is controversial.” Sophia’s leaking and weasels a few grand out of Rico crying lupus. Cue George Costanza: “Is it lupus?” Arthur’s happy that Mrs Ruth appears so happy. Though he’s harbouring feelings, he could never send her poo, and resigns. “More misanthrope than paranoid.” “I thought if we put a plan in place, we’ll be free to deviate.”

4. Can I Come Up Now.
The opening snuff it: the reason why PG Wodehouse’s umbrella club won’t work. More poo for George. “I’ll just resign myself to receiving excrement in the mail for the rest of my days.” Ruth feels sorry for George’s previously unmentioned son Kyle and sets up a meeting. Brenda’s feeling eggy. Lisa sends a message that the number three is not important. Sophia’s calling Rico all the time.

5. That’s my Dog.
Nate doesn’t fit in the bereavement group. Ruth decides to play matchmaker or meddle with Kyle and Becky. Sophia drops by the funeral home. There are “definitely some down sides to crack.” I didn’t like this episode as the carjacking was too violent for me, even though I was hoping Keith would appear and exact severe revenge. But the message that sometimes bad things just happen was important.

6. Terror Starts at Home.
George is concerned about the “slow murder of the middle class” and “American bloat.” Ruth’s big mouth strikes again. Thanks but no thanks for the neti pot. Looks like Brenda won’t be attending any more white sales. George is from Mars, Ruth is from someplace else entirely. Rico considers Sophia charity work? “The bereaved will freak out.” The ex with the mysteriously international accent “went from being in the present to being in the past without even realizing it.” Yup. “There’s a lot more insanity in the world than people realize.” Double yup.

7. The Dare.
Rico needs some guy friends. Choice between an annual fossil hunt or returning books to the library – it’s all go with George but Ruth’s about to dehydrate. A suspicious Vanessa follows Rico. “Please don’t minimize my severe depression.” “She’s all crumbly.” “I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch and all I do is cry all day.”

8. Coming & Going.
No opening snuff it? “You think death spared Los Angeles last night?” Nope. Ruth goes walkabout. Vanessa kicks Rico out. A quote filled episode. “Agnostics don’t usually go to church, that’s part of the appeal.” “I think you’ve forgotten part of your outfit, Anita.” “Were we supposed to dress 80s and nobody called?” “Marriage is not a gas station.” “If you were any more controlled, you’d be a sculpture.”

9. Grinding the Corn.
Sorry she asked. Ruth and Bettina go on the road to Mexico and try to avoid riding the porcelain bus. Blue Twister geeks. “I had no idea he has a whole society.” Billy subs at Claire’s school. Life is a series of accidents. “Just go find another one”? Nice philosophy there, George.

10. The Black Forest.
Jimmy is Claire’s “refrigerator magnet of the week.” I’m with Keith, $225 is too much for a vase. Ruth’s back, with conditions. Vanessa flaunts a date. George and Kyle bond. The Kimmels get wise. “The apocalypse will be over water.” “People are stupid: what a shock.” “I’m crawling my way to comfortable.”

11. Bomb Shelter.
George starts stockpiling in case of emergency. Walnut butter? I’ve never seen that at the grocery store, but then, I’ve never been looking for it. “Who wears earrings now anyway?” Mrs Chenowith has the unfortunate surgery. Someone’s gonna pay and it may be Keith. Barb and Hoyt Kimmel want the crematorium number so they can explain the “chunky ashes.” Nate confesses. Barb doesn’t approve of Maya being raised by Brenda.

12. Untitled.
“We could use a little more Bruce Willis attitude, Mister.” “I was like, adapt, dude!” “I made the bereaved vomit.” Rico asks to move back home but being on her own is good for Vanessa now. Roger needs a bodyguard and Keith can freelance. Billy is so deeply irrelevant. Creepy Michaela makes sure the Fishers find a certain picture and Nate confronts Hoyt who admits he had a thing with Lisa. When Barb hears, Hoyt goes bye bye. George flips. “There is no point, that’s the point.”


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