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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cold water surrounds me now

Movie: The Girl in the Café. British romantic drama starring Bill Nighy as an awkward civil servant and the loneliest man on earth who happens to meet Kelly Macdonald, a soft-spoken but outspoken last chance for something like love with a mysterious past. When I reserved the dvd, I had no idea part of it took place in Iceland. So that was a nice surprise and a chance to see some beautiful shots of Reykjavík. Bill thinks everyone knows just one fact about Iceland. Clearly he’s never met me. The movie is reminiscent of Lost in Translation, engaging and bittersweet, but with a dose of G8 Summit politics thrown in. Good soundtrack featuring Damien Rice and Sigur Rós (there are other Icelandic bands, people!) The question of whether Kelly was trying to be supportive of Bill’s work and truly committed to pushing the end of poverty or whether she was a fanatic protester was never truly answered. But it didn’t need to be. Some good quotes: “Anything you say will be more interesting than everything they’ve ever said.” “The dullest man in Canada - and that’s a pretty competitive category.” “The price that has to be paid for that ray of light is some sort of disgrace.”


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