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Friday, October 14, 2005

Lost: Everybody Hates Hugo

Lost 2.4. Had to laugh at Hurley in the pantry, especially when the scene went all Twin Peaks on us. Interesting his dream included a milk carton picture of the missing Walt when Hurley doesn’t know Walt is missing. Charlie still doesn’t believe Hurley is worth 156 million and “must have confused it with the 900 trillion I am worth myself.” He sulks off with the made of chocolate lollipops island baby to spy on, then complain to Locke that he’s “tired to being at the bloody kid’s table” instead of on the A-Team mission and wants some soddin’ answers. Locke fills him in on the hatch even though Jack ordered them to wait until inventory was taken. Charlie thinks the button pushing sounds a bit nutsy. Hurley fears change since the last change in his life appears to have ruined quite a bit. We’re guessing particularly his friendship with Mr Cluck co-worker Johnny the gnome thief and Led Zeppelin t-shirt wearer. Can we say Swansong? And look, there’s Drive Shaft’s CD in the $2 cut out bin. Sorry Charlie. Aside from the White Stripes, I listen to little American music, so Hold Steady may as well have been some fictitious band, but they’re not. Anyone care to guess what happened with Starla?

As for the Rafters, Sawyer’s sick of making human pyramids. I knew Ana Lucia (aka Rambina or later Hotlips and probably soon Empress of the Tailaways) wouldn’t take him out with the others, but let him stew for a while. If she isn’t a cop or misplaced from 24, there’s no cider in Canada. Libby says 23 of the Tailaways survived. Past tense. There are only a few of them left in their own private though not as well stocked hatch, including Bernard, Rose’s husband, who’s finally come out of the bathroom. Were the missing lunch for the monster or infected with Danielle’s disease/virus or taken by The Others? If the Lostaways are ever rescued or beamed up, I bet Sawyer’s the first one to sue Oceanic. For all they’ve been through, Jin’s looking mighty fine. Couldn’t help noticing.

Otherwise, at the end picnic Rose keeps an Apollo candy bar (mentioned again and as if there was some significance behind them) for Bernard. Claire finds the bottle from the raft and gives it to Sun who inexplicably buries it. Sayid and Jack investigate the under workings of the hatch. Sayid suspects there’s a geothermal generator or similar power source behind the 8 to 10 foot thick concrete wall but he’s never heard of so much concrete being poured over everything since Chernobyl. Kate mentions the water smells of sulfur. The best quote was really a silly soliloquy by Hurley’s mom, Carmen, which went something like: “Falling down is not exercise. The only time you move is to lift a drumstick from the bucket. Maybe if you pray every day, Jesus Christ will come down from Heaven and take 200 pounds and leave you a decent woman and a new car. {Phone rings} Oh, that must be Jesus. He wants to know what colour car you want.” Next up: Mike goes off in search of Walt and the waskly wabbit shows up again.


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