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Friday, October 21, 2005

Lost ...and found

Lost: 2.5. Thanks to the observant people on the Internet (who thought it was a continuity error), I already knew Sun lost her wedding ring and where. I wasn’t aware, though, that love will look orange, at least for Jin. He learned a lot of English in one episode. And yes, looked stunning. We learned he worked in the Good Korea as a hotel doorman before he was a waiter. Try as he did to get away from his father’s fishing business, he ended up being the best fisherman on the island. And I’m guessing Ana Lucia isn’t easily impressed. Sawyer thought the Tailaways were going to eat them, which is exactly what I was thinking. Instead they decide to go looking for the Lostaways. Libby stands up for Michael, then apologizes for throwing him in the pit. They’ve got trust issues. How about that? When she tells Michael the Others come from inland, he runs off in search of Walt. Jin and Mr Eko work out their differences and search for Michael who might want to rethink his concept of friendship. He doesn’t consider Sawyer a friend, but Sawyer saved his life and tried to defend Walt. He does consider Jin a friend, but didn’t want to look for Jin when he was lost at sea. I’d be hesitant if I was Libby. Was that a hockey stick Jin carried? In previous episodes, Eko seemed mean, but we may have judged too quickly. We still don’t know much about him except he has an accent and was worse than married, whatever that means.

The Tailaways have a radio but aren’t listening to Oldies FM. Why didn’t they bother burying Goodwin? And if the Others have guns, why did they kill Goodwin with a spear? Why don’t the Others don’t leave tracks? And why don’t they wear shoes? The birds and other animals of the jungle were sure making a ruckus as they approached and walked by. The last Other dangled a stuffed teddy bear. There must be a significance behind or inside these stuffed animals. Otherwise: Jack’s wedding ring is in his sock drawer back home. I was prepared to like Mr Lee for his normalcy and knowledge of medieval Russian history only to learn he was leading Sun on when all along he planned to marry a girl from Harvard. Anyone we know? Jin once gave Sun a puppy named Popo. Sawyer thinks Ana Lucia seems “suited for marriage.” Why, because she’s mean and loves to boss people around? I suspect Kate lied to Sun about why she was reading the bottle messages. Hurley calls women “dude” too. Best line was Sawyer’s: “It’s every man for himself, Chewie.” Next up: One of these survivors will be lost forever.


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