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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In a northern town

Movie: The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Surprisingly not about the Kennedy’s. I don’t recommend this movie due to the creepiness of the father-daughter relationship, mostly her being obsessed with him. And I don’t see how, with that obsession and his being on the verge of dying, she could act in ways that would hurt him. But Daniel Day Lewis gave a marvelous performance as yet another main male character named Jack. And it gives me the opportunity to blog about how I’ve always found it strange when children don’t share (at least some of) their parents accents, as the daughter in this film didn’t. My Swedish grandmother immigrated to America when she was only 5 and when she went to school, her teacher forced her to drop her accent. A move which today would be considered a violation of one’s civil rights and worthy of a lawsuit. My Swedish grandfather immigrated in his mid 20s and kept his very thick accent all his life but my mother has no trace of a Swedish accent. Maybe it’s just me. I pick up accents easily. After living in Mass a while, it took years to sound like I was from New York again. Then after countless hockey games and always listening to Canadian radio, I ended up with a Mass/New York/Canuck mix. The past few years I’ve listened to Icelandic radio on the Internet and it’s a wonder I can speak at all anymore. And yes, many people wish I wouldn’t.


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