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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Drowning in the reel

Movie: Bewitched. Wow, this was a real stinker. And I’m blaming Nicole Kidman. I don’t know if it was the director’s choice or her choice to speak in a whispery bimbo voice, but it made her character come across as a dumb (and wimpy) blonde. Perhaps she was trying to channel Marilyn Monroe. The smart and strong Elizabeth Montgomery would have been the sensible way to go. And it didn’t help when Kidman’s fake American accent slipped into Brooklynese a few times. The script was also severely lame. We’re supposed to believe she or anyone would be attracted to such an egotistical actor (named Jack - can we please have a TV show or movie without a Jack)? And she seemed to love him most when he sweated. Yes, that’s what every woman’s looking for – a man who sweats. The harridan wife mispronounced Reykjavík. There is no substitute for Paul Lynde although the actor gave it a try and came up with the only good line: “The long version is in Aramaic.” As for Bewitched, stick with the original series.


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