The Universe and Me

Monday, January 26, 2009

24 : 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

7.3. Tony, in custody, claims he’s working for the Juma regime which demands the US get out or stay out of Sangala. To save himself time and pain, Jack wants Tony to explain how he’s still alive. More important, why would he want to aid a genocide? Jack about strangles him for information, which turns out to be “deep sky,” their previous code to call CTU. Since it’s been disbanded, Jack calls Bill who appears to have colored his hair to the point of achieving a halo glow. Tony is actually working undercover for Bill, though now there’s the problem of Tony not being able to control the CIP device as they planned. They need him back undercover. And hello there Chloe who commends Jack for looking good on C-Span.

Samantha, former girlfriend of Roger Taylor (not the drummer from Queen,) calls the First Husband. Janis discovers Sean’s involvement in something. He claims he wanted to see if his wife’s plane was involved. Janis deletes his name from the evidence. Jack renders Renee unconscious as I wonder why Bill and Chloe didn’t tell Jack what was going on to being with. Jack springs Tony, who’s grateful. Jack’s “just glad I didn’t break your neck.” Janis notices someone has accessed the FBI’s surveillance system and boots them out, so Chloe loses her feed. Tony jumps from the parking lot to Bill’s van. Pursued, Jack has to hot wire a car and drive over the building side to reach them. Why do it the easy way? I’m still wondering what “cycling frequencies” means. Best line: “The government poisons everything in its path.”


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