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Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't go imagining that time is medicine

The Big Three (Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and round-headed Karl Pilkington) recently released a new podcast or ibook or similar called Medicine. Keeping up with Karl's quote gems, here's some to add:

  • What did he say? (wondering what he just said)
  • If your brain was in your foot, it’d take ages to say anything.
  • “Smallpox, we’ll keep it just in case”? Get rid of it!
  • There are not tough babies anymore.
  • Sometimes I don’t know whether I feel well.
  • If an idea isn’t daft, it isn’t worth thinking about. (what Einstein might have said)
  • If you can’t get through the door, I’m not seeing you (re: fatties getting special treatment at the doctor’s)
  • She rattles, she carries that many pills, like a maraca (re: Auntie Norah)
  • With all fiction comes the future.
  • A problem solved is a problem caused.


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