The Universe and Me

Monday, January 26, 2009

24: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

7.5. The FBI calls back Renee but she won’t go. Jack pumps ammonia something into the safe room. Although PM and wife try to tell themselves their cause is more important than they are, she wimps out and opens the door. The attorney general’s office has questions for Janis but she insists she’s not involved at all. Jack frisks Renee, which we’re sure he didn’t enjoy. Emerson checks with his source at the FBI to find out how much she knows. With is wife safely landed, Sean is once again friendly with Erika. The FH meets with Roger’s friend Brian who says he has documents to prove Roger was murdered. Brian takes FH to Sam’s apartment, drugs him with tetradyazine or similar, with plans to kill him and bring Samantha there and kill her too.

Emerson learns Renee is extraneous. They take her to an abandoned construction site to kill her, which Emerson orders Jack to do. He tells her he can get her out alive, but then makes it appear he shoots her and kicks her in a ditch. He hopes plastic tarp will be good enough cover but Emerson demands Jack and Tony bury her. With only half an inch of dirt covering her face, I guess we were supposed to be worried she’ll suffocate. Did the writers not see what happened to Nikki & Paolo on Lost?


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