The Universe and Me

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

24: 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

7.1. Some rogue group kidnaps Michael Latham (whoever he is when he’s at home) and forces him to make a CIP device (whatever that is) work. Jack tries to avoid answering questions at a senate hearing with the old “that’s classified info” trick. He adapted and broke procedure (i.e. used extreme interrogation methods) to achieve results and protect innocent lives. Renee Walker interrupts the hearing. Jack is needed to help with a homeland security problem. It seems Tony Almeda isn’t dead after all. He is, though, blaming the government for losing Michelle.

Jack and Renee follow a forged access card lead from old CTU files to find Gabriel Schecter. They “get behind the operation with both shoulders,” whatever that means. Schecter won’t talk until Jack’s ready to “break procedure,” but shots blast through the windows and Schecter’s taken out. Jack and Renee pursue the assailant in the building across the street. The Sangala subpot continues to bore. Juma must be stopped. Mrs President ponders what to do. The Feds notice a 767 has lost control. Tony, with CIP device, orders a plane to lower altitude. Line most Chloe-like from FBI’s Janis: “Most people don’t like sarcasm.”


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