The Universe and Me

Friday, January 23, 2009

24: 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.

7.2. Looks like someone working for the FBI tipped off Tony. Anyone suspect Janis? The screens for the Eastern Quadrant are locked. Probably important. At JFK planes are on a collision course and everyone holds their breath until Tony orders one up before they crash. Next time it won’t be just a warning, he warns them. The sniper hides in the basement of the Columbia building. Tony sends FBI agent or similarly dressed person possibly named Lennart to help him escape. But forgot it’s in the details. Jack notices the dude’s shoes are different from the others & clues in Renee. They intend to handle it on their own. This should go well.

The First Gentleman (Mrs President’s Mr) hires a private investigator to check out his son’s death since he refuses to believe it was a suicide. Samantha, the former fiancée, tells FG there was money in an offshore account. Not her money, but her aunt’s. Hiding from the IRS. Why this is important is unclear in my notes, as are the notes that follow. I might have been half asleep at this point. Tony’s priority is the CIP device. He’s on a boat and plans to chopper out with the device, but Jack stops him. As Shakespeare said: They fight. The device gets away. Most don’t tell that to Chloe line: “It’s just technology.”


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