The Universe and Me

Monday, January 26, 2009

24: 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

7.4. Alan Tanner, confidante of Tony, is out of surgery. Mrs President doesn’t want to negotiate with terrorists. Tony explains to Jack that David Emerson paid off someone at CTU to inject him with something to make him appear dead, but later revived him. Of course. Emerson targeted former employees with grievances against the government and Tony worked for him, which he must pretend to do again to retrieve the device. Sean snaps at an FBI co-worker named Erika who appears confused. Emerson doesn’t think it’s worth the risk to include Jack and wants Tony to kill him. Jack fights the guards. He’s offended because he came there to do a job, not to be double crossed. Emerson warns him, by killing an employee who doesn’t, “Fall in line or you’re gone.”

Sean impersonates an Agent Moss and arranges for his wife’s flight to be moved to the head of the queue to land. Juma’s troops advance on a refugee camp. The Sangala PM wants help/weapons. Mrs President is reminded that “a superpower has to act on its own interests.” Emerson’s gang plans to pick up a package/person: the PM. Roger Taylor (still not the Queen drummer), discovered bank records that proved trading with Sangala. The accounts were traced to a senior member of the administration. On questioning, Tanner scoffs at Renee and demands his lawyers who Janis stalls long enough for Renee to pull out his ventilator. I’m not comfortable with that either, but Renee learns Tony’s group plans to abduct the PM who is locked in a safe room of reinforced concrete. As if that will hold Jack back. Best line: “You have enough to think about without being burdened with details.”


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