The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

24: 8 pm - 9 pm

Previously on 24: Chloe kicks off her bunny slippers and races via the Tan-o-rama back to work and Terror Mama returns to pick up her Emmy. Oh Dina, clearly you did not watch Season 3 because you would have known the gun wasn't loaded. For your ignorance of the Execution Loyalty Test, you are offed in a weird tribute to "Life is Beautiful." Although, since it happened off camera, I doubt she's really and sincerely dead. I can't see any other reason for next week's Jack & Terror Boy switch. Surely Terror Boy has no value for well, anyone really... Somewhere Chase was laughing his head off at Jack. Pretty sure I heard Jean and Kara squealing all the way from the Big O when Jack stabbed himself. Edgar is fading fast but managed the best line of the show when he told Tony he was sick of being put down "especially by people who don't really work here." I could practically see Chloe's mental leaps for joy upon hearing Driscoll was fired. Has the phrase "satellite parabolics" ever been uttered on television before? Here's my other theory: Heller is behind this. He would know enough about the businesses of Mr Bean (still being operated on, still among the living) to use him. I don't trust the little pit bull, never have. He's been too obsessed with the president's whereabouts. And what was Chloe working on at home? Her computer had Heller's kidnapping picture up. On this show, everyone is suspect.


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