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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

24: 9 pm - 10 pm

Previously on 24: Chloe gets snarky and Terror Boy wishes he'd hung onto that shovel. We learn that Terror Mama is truly dead and Marwan (probably no relation to Obi-wan) only wants the Terror Boy/Jack switch to distract CTU from his nefarious plans. And the Air Force is flying around with defective strut pins. Ouch. These terrorists are never going to prevail if they think handcuffing Jack to a water heater will render him harmless. His legs are lethal! Who else but Jack would have the foresight to short circuit the phone lines so his location could be traced? Now if only CTU had realised that on the way to the swap, Terror Dudes would stop by Radio Shack and pick up iPod's new Tracking Device Detector. On sale for just $299.99. Now available in five sporty colours. CTU employees are too busy making faces at each other on their spiffy video phones to check out the latest flyer ads or hourlies. Mr Bean remains in surgery. Chloe broke the hushed intensity with a string of Chloe-isms, mostly aimed at Audrey, starting with "There's no bad news about Jack yet" followed by "You've fallen in love with Jack, I guess" and completed with "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I?" She does that sometimes. Edgar got in her interface and received a "Quit being territorial and gimme the password!" for his efforts. From my calculations, no one's had dinner, everyone's a little testy, and Audrey's starting to look suspicious. That anguished wrinkle across her forehead isn't fooling me.


  • At 8:21 AM, March 30, 2005, Blogger graceInk said…

    Haha - you summed it up very nicely. Loved the quote about being inappropriately blunt. Chloe, you're amazing! LOL It seems everyone would be in a better mood if they just took a quick break and went to the bathroom and had a little snack. How do they stand it?


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