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Friday, March 25, 2005

Hmm Good Friday

Martin mentioned yesterday he once heard there is a day in March which Easter has fallen on only once. He wasn't sure which day or if it's still true. In looking up Easter date calculations, I didn't find anything about that. Just that Easter is the first Sunday after the fourteenth day of the new moon after the spring equinox - or thereabouts. More importantly, Pheebes gave me a box of marshmallow peeps to celebrate the holiday. Finding facts on these little critters was much easier:
  • Up to 4.2 million peeps are produced every day of the year in preparation for Easter.
  • About a billion peeps are made annually.
  • Just Born peep factory in Bethlehem, PA makes 3,800 peeps per minute.
  • The official peep site doesn't mention ingredient information. (Most likely sugar, corn syrup and gelatin with oodles of unpronounceable preservatives.) You can send e-cards from there, though.
  • There are five colours for Easter peeps: yellow, pink, lavender, blue, and white. Yellow is the most popular.
  • Each peep has 32 calories.
  • Different colours do not have different flavours.
  • Peeps officially turned 50 years old in 2003, but they've been around since the 1920's.
  • You can buy your own at home peep maker, if you must.
The Internet has many peep parodies including Lord of the Peeps and The Passion of the Peeps, Peep Trek, the Peep Dance (no hamsters allowed), peep songs, peep haiku, peep art, peeps performing Shakespeare, Peephenge, peep fan clubs, and a variety of peep shockwave games. I didn't see any, but I hope there are some peep support groups too.


  • At 3:35 PM, March 25, 2005, Blogger graceInk said…

    oh man, that's so funny that you talked about marshmallow peeps. i can't stand them, but Melanie loves them. ... and you guessed it, I got my blog going!


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