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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Long live the Queen, please

Last week Bo called me to talk about her most recent trip to England. When they were in London, they happened to see a bunch of cameras and official looking people milling about Buckingham Palace. She asked someone what was happening and was told the Queen was about to make an appearance. The Commonwealth Games will start in Australia soon so the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were there to pass the Commonwealth Baton (looking more like a high tech machete) to Elle McPherson who apparently has become the official Aussie spokesperson. Other than the Queen's hat, which Bo said matched the coat (although it doesn't in the picture), what impressed Bo most was how tall Elle is. She towers over Prince Philip. I wondered if the Queen was so diminutive, that perhaps Philip only appears tall in comparison, but unless she has shrunk in recent years, she's reported to be 5'4"... Here's hoping the Sutton's unnerving ability to kill off royals they've met will have no effect on Elizabeth. Bo believes she was far enough away at 30 feet not to cause harm.


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