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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Erin's House Visited

I hope it's not premature to call it Erin and Matt's house. It has to go through all the legal hoopla still. Since I had last Friday off work, I had the chance to go see it. The doors were locked, so I couldn't go inside but I did walk all around it and peek in the windows. It's small and needs a little work but it should turn out to be a nice place. There's a fenced-in back yard with a cute wooden doghouse (Erin wants to get a pug dog) and a round swimming pool way back at the edge of the property. The downstairs has the living room, dining room (with built-in hutch) and kitchen. The upstairs has two bedrooms and a bathroom. Erin says she thinks they'll keep the ferrets in the second bedroom. She also said you can see the lake from the house. I forgot to look.


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