The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

24: 2-3 p.m.

24. 5.8. There’s increased chatter related to the canisters. Jack decides he can pose as Rossler and deliver the chip. Evelyn interrupts Martha’s disgruntled blogging with questions about Walt. We didn’t know she cared so much. Chloe talks Jack through reconfiguring the trigger but The Hostiles kidnap him and plan to take him to Earwig who’s bound to recognize him from the airport. Jack’s certain he can handle it. Mike convinces Logan not to tell the public the truth about Walt. The cover up doesn’t sit well with Martha. It’s the president’s job to tell the truth, or she will. Logan gives her the task of telling Walt’s wife, then. I suspect the First Couple will soon be featured in Reader’s Digest’s next edition of “Can this marriage be saved?” We think not. The Hostiles plan to test a canister at the Sunrise Hills Mall to see if the reconfiguring worked. Hobbit Sam thinks it’s best to accept the damage from one in order to find the other nineteen. Audrey wishes they could arrest and interrogate/torture the information out of them. When it’s time to unlock the trigger, Jack gives them the wrong code. Since it doesn’t work, the Hostiles live up to their name, punch him into unconsciousness and chain him to a table leg. Then they call Earwig.

Someone named Andre has an alternative way to release the gas. Jack comes to as the ventilation system starts spreading it. Seemingly with nothing but his very powerful legs, he trips one Hostile and crushes him to death. He grabs a gun and mask and the keys from the fallen guard and stops the rest of the gas from escaping. But not before it’s infiltrated the food court. Shoppers start dropping. Jack does not have a visual on the Hostile but Chloe remembers the tracking device in the trigger he’s carrying. In a break from the action, Martha hasn’t got the guts to tell Suzanne Cummings the truth about the traitorous Walt. Back to the action. When the Hostile is told he’s being followed, he shoots himself. Earwig and the canisters are gone. Most appropriate quote: “We’ve got nothing here.”


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