The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

24: 3-4 p.m.

24. 5.9. Suddenly twenty four seems like a lot of hours. Earwig’s supervisor has a British accent and has gone to great personal expense to acquire these canisters and is none too impressed with Earwig’s wasting some of the gas. Here’s a knife in Earwig’s gut for all his hard work. He probably wasn’t on the insurance plan, either. Nathanson hears he’s next and tries to run. Wanting his key card back, Sam calls his sister, but her boyfriend’s trying so hard to think of what he can do with it, I could nearly see the unlit light bulb hovering over his head. Somehow Nathanson knows Audrey’s number at CTU even though she doesn’t even work there. But he doesn’t know Jack’s number. Audrey patches him through. Nathanson offers to help Jack find the nerve gas and hints that Walt was not the only one working inside the government. To avoid being brought back to CTU, Jack blindsides Curtis. To avoid Sam’s wrath, Audrey asks Chloe to delete the record of Jack’s call. Chloe’s skills don’t extend to erasing just one call. She has to erase Audrey’s entire phone log, incurring Sam’s suspicion. Bill, who I’m certain was wearing lipstick, blames it on a system glitch.

British Hostile calls Walt’s phone which the Secret Service has probably felt like dorks guarding. Since the U.S. has made it impossible for him to transport the gas to Russia, he will strike at Russia on U.S. soil. He demands Suvorov’s motorcade route. Logan knows what a bad shot those Hostiles have been in the past and figures they’ll never be able to hit a limousine. Jack can’t reach Nathanson before a chopper full of Hostiles does. Before leaving this mortal rooftop, he directs Jack to a chip in his pocket. While keeping beneath Hobbit Radar, Chloe tries to data mine the chip’s files. For some reason she needs Audrey’s DOD code. Bill tries to divert Sam from Audrey’s station, but Sam hears a suspicious bleep and places Bill in custody. From now on, all stations will be mirrored through his office. Chloe gives Jack some info about a company possibly named Omicom whose Senior Vice President of Research and Development, a Christopher Henderson, Jack knows. After learning about the terrorist’s plans, Martha decides to accompany the Suvorov’s to the airport. Best line: “CTU has become way too porous.”


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