The Universe and Me

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

24: 4-5 p.m.

24. 10. Just personal preference, but I don’t care for Audrey’s square glasses. Once upon a time Jack was recruited to CTU by this Henderson dude mentioned last week/hour. Henderson was accused of selling classified intelligence, but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. Possibly there wasn’t enough intelligence, classified or otherwise, at CTU either. Jack sneaks into Omicrom or whatever the business is called and isn’t the least bit suspicious when Henderson tasers him and insists the leads are wrong and he’s merely an easy target. He can prove it if Jack follows him into one of the bunkers. Clearly Jack hasn’t eaten since breakfast and is becoming hypoglycemic. Henderson shows him files of the scientists who worked on the gas project who all mysteriously died. Jack tries to send the files to CTU but the phones have gone wonky. Henderson sneaks out of the bunker, leaving Jack there with a bomb placed in something resembling a scanner. He takes cover before it explodes & lives to fight another hour.

Back at CTU, Sam misses the peace and tranquility of the Shire. He fires Carrie for no reason and demands to know where Chloe is. I was so wishing Edgar had said, “She went to the bathroom,” just to see if Sam would check the ladies room. NSA has picked up chatter which, when analyzed, contains numbers sequences (morphing into Lost, are we?) and mentions the “downtown corridor.” Chloe figures out the Russian president’s motorcade is being targeted and informs Sam who thinks it’s an unsubstantiated theory and dismisses her. Secretly, Edgar places a blanket over Chloe’s subnet, hacks into NSA’s account and sends them a notice. Audrey asks Curtis to invoke a Section 112 on Sam since The One Ring has made him mentally unfit to rule. CTU informs Logan, who pretends ignorance of the threat. The motorcade starts to turn around whereupon the Hostiles, complete with flamethrower, attack. Aaron easily picks them off so Martha and the Russians are safe. British Hostile is none too happy. He suspects Logan tipped off CTU and plans to retaliate. Best line: Henderson’s “Buchanan? What a stiff!” Next up: I don’t know but I guarantee someone will utter the phrase: “With all due respect.”


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