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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lost: One of them

Lost. 2.14. Okay, who’s in charge of the wigs on this show? I wouldn’t have thought it possible Sayid could look geeky. So we learned he was arrested for shredding what probably weren’t love notes to Nadia. While in captivity, the US soldiers asked him to translate for them. The head of chemical warfare, who coincidentally used nerve gas on a village where Sayid had relatives, also knows where a US helicopter pilot is. It doesn’t take much coercion to make Sayid torture his compatriot for the information. Turns out one of the US soldiers not only knew Arabic after all and merely used Sayid to perform the torture so he wouldn’t have to, but he’s also Kate’s father. The backstory interconnections thicken.

Back on the island, Ana Lucia sees Danielle creeping around and notifies Sayid. She’s trapped an Other who says his name is Henry Gale. He insists he isn’t a witch at all and hails from Minnesota, not Kansas, but the balloon flight is far too Wizard of Ozish to be credible. When Henry tries to make a run for it, Danielle shoots an arrow in his shoulder. Sayid takes Henry to Locke. Henry’s sticking with the balloon crash story. He and his wife lived in a cave on the beach until three weeks ago when she got sick and died. Since they need to find out the truth, Sayid asks Locke to change the armory’s combination. Bypassing Jack, Sayid locks himself in with Henry and interrogates him. Or takes out his frustration on him over Shannon being killed because Ana thought she was an Other. If Locke doesn’t open the door for Jack, the button won’t get pushed. And here once again Jack seems extremely egotistical, risking everyone’s lives for his own agenda. The countdown reaches zero, some glyphs appear in place of the 108 and a strange noise that might have been the blast doors about to drop shakes the hatch. Locke presses a command that isn’t The Numbers and all is righted. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Sawyer’s not very popular anymore, especially with a certain noisy tree frog. When he discovers Harley/Rerun pigging out on the Dharma ranch dressing, peanut butter and other goodies, he enlists him to help find the little critter. Or threatens to tell the Lostaways of Hurley’s Ranch Disorder over the island’s Coconut Internet. Hurley tries not to be offended. He may be fat and like to eat, but the Lostaways like him. Dude, for the sake of the frog, I’m thinking you shouldn’t have hurt Sawyer’s feelings. One less croak to wake him. Best line: Sawyer’s “If this were a scary movie, I’d be with a hot chick.” Next: What’s behind the door of Hatch #3?


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