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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lost : The Long Con

Lost: 2.13. Right off the bat, Locke answered one of my questions. He kept the statues for future therapeutic value. Jack thinks it’s irresponsible only one of them has the combination to the gun room, so Locke shares the info. Charlie’s been relocated to the suburbs and has lost his mentor. “That’s like getting Gandhi to beat his kids.” Sawyer’s not so amused when Jack takes his painkillers. That’s one less Christmas card he’ll have to send this year. In his backstory, he tries his usual con game with Jo from Facts of Life, or a divorcee named Cassidy with a 1974 shag haircut. But she’s not that dumb. Nor does she have any money for him to swindle. She does, though, want to learn the art of the con, so Sawyer teaches her. As the episode plays out, he falls for Cassidy but with pressure from his partner Gordy, goes through with the long con against her anyway. Everybody say hi to Kate’s mom, seen waitressing at the restaurant.

Kate’s miffed that Jack and Ana Lucia didn’t ask her to join their little army. Sayid has never heard of Harry Nilsson and probably thinks Hurley’s whacko telling him to “put the lime in the coconut and drink ‘em both up.” Hurley doesn’t now the difference between Norway and Nigeria, but he does know Bernard is a dentist. More importantly, he passes along the shortwave radio. Sayid’s still mourning and isn’t interested in any glorified walkie talkie but his nature gets the better of him and he’s able to “switch the blue wire with the red wire and make it stronger.” While gardening, Sun is dragged off. Sawyer and Kate hear her scream and find her. But something doesn’t make sense to Sawyer. Sun (aka Tokyo Rose) is too weak to have escaped from The Others and the hood they used is a different weave than the one used on Kate who figures Ana and Jack are trying to scare the others into joining their little army. It works. The Lostaways demand the guns.

Locke’s putting the Dewey Decimal System to good use while Sawyer gives him the heads up. Locke decides to move the guns while Sawyer pushes the button. Major twist: there’s a new sheriff in town. Sawyer’s got the guns and he’s done taking orders. Get used to it. I understood his point that the Lostaways took his things while he was off trying to rescue him, but am baffled as to why he wants to be in charge of these lunatics. Kate believes he wants everyone to hate him. But it’s just his nature to con people. Sayid interrupts Hurley’s reading a mystery manuscript and they listen to “Moonlight Serenade” on the radio. Sawyer offers the heroin statue to Charlie, but he doesn’t want it. He only helped Sawyer to make Locke look like a fool. Looks like Locke has a nemesis. Best quote: “I’m this close to the high score of Donkey Kong.” Next: a stranger is captured and the countdown reaches zero.


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