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Friday, February 24, 2006

Music notes

Wanted to mention some bands I like and think are worth checking out. The Guggenheim Grotto was featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic back in January. As was KT Tunstall. I was happy to receive Swede Jose Gonzalez's CD Veneer for Christmas. He features three songs with a heavily Argentinian guitar feel to them on his page at myspace. A new Icelandic band named Myst placed one song titled "Here For You" on their page. They used to have an English page at myspace with four songs, but it's not presently working. I hope the band still is. Also from Icleand, I got a kick out of seeing Brúðarbandið's video to their song "Sid" over at Kvikmynd. It's also featured in audio and video format at their own home page.


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