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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Do you wanna dance with me?

Movie: Take the Lead. I watched this a couple weeks ago with no anticipation of liking it but merely to enjoy Antonio Banderas’ looks and reminisce about the days when he was a husband of mine. (Those were the days when MCI was convinced I was Melanie Griffith, even though I time and again assured them the only similarity could possibly be our phone numbers.) So I was surprised when the movie turned out to be quite good and at times even charming. The only negative things I have to say about it are slight: it was a little lengthy, which could have been easily fixed with some early on editing, and there is a moment in all films of this sort where the viewer has to suspend disbelief and say, yes, a bunch of school kids could indeed become not just good dancers, but great dancers who can win competitions. Not a new story for the movies, but it was well done here and Antonio can teach me to ballroom dance any day. For the definitive movie on ballroom dancing, do check out the Australian classic Strictly Ballroom.


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