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Monday, September 18, 2006

Easy to hang out with Hafdís

The first solo CD titled Dirty Paper Cup from Hafdís Huld (Hákonardóttir) is expected to be released October 2nd. One single from the album has been since around May. That’s the song “Tomoko” which is about her still fabulous best friend who was always cooler, prettier and better at everything, and subsequently, hard to hang out with. The "Tomoko" video is much like Hafdís and probably the rest of the CD according to critics: quirky, sparkly, irrepressible, fun, fresh, funny, odd, seductive and great pop. She started in the music business in the nine piece Icelandic band GusGus when she was only 15 and was lucky enough to tour the world with them. After they inexplicably released her, she worked with some other bands, made two feature films and also modeled. In making her first CD, she used the keyboard of, I believe, the producer’s little boy. In a BBC interview, she said she felt “there was no need to make it complicated” and “if there’s too much stuff going on, it’s just confusing.” Using this minimalism, she’s covered the Lou Reed song “Who Loves the Sun” using a ukulele and a radiator for percussion. There also might be a ukulele version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” on the CD so Hafdís could pretend she wrote it for a few minutes. Apparently everything is pink and sugar coated because “pink comes straight from God, like chocolate.” Do check out her blog
to see what she’s up to lately and get a glimpse into her effervescent personality.


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