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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Purrsonality predictor

The kitten chow site has a quiz to take to find out what your kitten’s personality (or purrsonality) will be when he or she grows up. I have two 5 month old kittens, May and Gus. In the too dark picture at left, May is the black & white and Gus is the brown tabby. Here are the rather accurate results of their quizzes:

May: We've determined that May is developing a Boss Cat purrsonality. She is dominant and strong-willed, always on the lookout for her next conquest.
• If you have other pets, make sure your budding Boss Cat isn't causing them undue stress.
• The Boss Cat will eat whatever food is available. If you have multiple cats,
consider multiple feeding stations.
• Boss Cats are stoics. Careful observation may be required to detect illness.

Gus: We've have determined that Gus is developing a Go-Go purrsonality. He can be excessively curious and rarely slows down. Go-Go cats are often described as acting like kittens, no matter what their age.
• Don't leave potentially dangerous objects around.
• Don't use your hands or feet as toys. The Go-Go kitten might bite or scratch.
• Engage Gus in play at least twice daily.
• The Go-Go kitten doesn't mind change, seeing it as a chance to explore.


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