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Thursday, September 21, 2006

They will survive

Iceland’s Radio 2 has been playing songs from The Puppini Sisters CD Betcha Botton Dollar. The Andrews Sisters sound-alikes (or Borgardætur, for the Icelanders) began after Marcella Puppini saw the French film Belleville Rendezvous, which featured a 1940s close-harmony group. She teamed with Kate Mullins and Stephanie O’Brien, who both studied music at Trinity College of Music in London, to form such a group. They dress in 1940s glamour and perform classics like “Mr Sandman” and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as well as revamped current rock/pop songs like "Wuthering Heights", “Heart of Glass”, and a wonderful rendition of The Smiths “Panic.” Reviews rightly call them fresh, vibrant, fun, accomplished, eccentric, original, pure genius, bright, breezy, sassy, and that’s probably enough adjectives to say you should run out and buy it. I would if it was available in the States. Until our record companies wake up, there’s always some videos to watch on You Tube and four songs they have listed on their own My Space page.


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