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Monday, September 25, 2006

Pilkingtonisms continued 3.5

Some more of Karl's sayings, from last week's podcast. We're all still trying to get over "foodage" from last week, and right off the bat, he hit us with another gem. He's still thinking about what can be done away with and now what body parts need to be moved to different locations. Here we go:

  • We’re living in a world where everything is sort of binable.
  • In ten thousand years time, when they find my story about the monkey fireman, will it gain more respect than it has now?
  • Who’s looking at the fellow whose skull fell off?
  • I’m busy, I’m not gonna start looking at stuff in depth.
  • A motorbike: it’s like you’re an astronaut.
  • We carry too much around with us now.
  • Had a late night last night ‘cause I stayed up to watch a programme on monkeys.
  • A slug’s life is pretty bad. The only time they come out of their den is when it’s raining, so even their days out are depressing.
  • No matter what creature you are: favouritism.
  • Where you are is what you eat.
  • All sorts of weird stuff goes on in hospitals but we let it happen ‘cause it’s to help us out in the long run, innit?
  • It was just like a blob with a face. Now, I never would’ve said, yeah I’d let that swim about. I would have killed it from day dot. I would've gone: get rid of it. That does not work. And it looked sad, it looked like it didn’t want to be about.


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