The Universe and Me

Thursday, April 12, 2007

24 : 10 - 11 p.m.

24. 6.17. Fayed’s Country’s ambassador calls Wayne because he’s not happy about nukes headed to his country. Oh, it’s his country now? Can we just name the place already? As they speak, a General Habib is arrested and interrogated. He was in contact with Fayed but doesn’t know the weapons whereabouts. Wayne’s patience isn’t gonna take that. He stops the missile but wants a dossier on Habib. He doesn’t mention the missile was unarmed anyway. Jack’s “interrogating” Fayed, although he hasn’t begun to enjoy himself. We know Ricky is a famous star and everything but I’d miss less lines laughing at his pronunciation if someone would correct him. This hour jihad was more like jee-had as if they were cowboys about to rustle up some cattle. We don’t know how long Jack’s been awake, but he nearly falls asleep at the wheel and hits a van. Armed terrorists stream out with machine guns and take down Ricky and Jack, then rescue Fayed.

Naw, they can’t fool us. Jack’s not dead. He’s faking it. Ricky too. The rescuers are really a cover team posing as terrorists. They have Fayed talk with Habib about rendezvousing with his men. At the barbaric suggestion of Wayne, the ambassador threatens Habib’s family so he’ll comply. Milo seems jealous Nadia asked how Ricky was. It’s a good thing they kept her on since she’s able to translate the ensuing Habib/Fayed conversation. The suitcases are in a safe house. Wayne’s blood pressure drops and then so does he. Nadia notices an inconsistency in the transcript. Habib mentioned a Samir who was killed two years ago. Jack warns the cover team but they disappear in a convenient tunnel.

Jack pursues and sees Fayed steal some hapless sanitation worker’s sandcrawler/garbage truck. So Jack does what anyone would do and grabs hold of the truck’s undercarriage. While holding on for dear life, he calls CTU to tell them Fayed’s headed east but there’s too much traffic noise for Bill to hear. When the truck stops, Jack goes in alone against the entire group and picks them off one by one until only he and Fayed remain. They both run out of bullets and resume the battle with lightsabres. Or a lead pipe. Nice head butt, Jack. He fashions a ceiling chain into a noose and strings up Fayed. The bombs are secure. Despite everything Jack’s been through these seventeen hours, he’s fine. Until Audrey calls. She’s not dead. She’s being held by some guy Jack is to call back in ten minutes on a secure line, or else.


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