The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

24 : 11 p.m. - 12 a.m.

24. 6.18. Ricky gives Jack some shot for pain. Yeah, can I have one of those? Jack gets back to Cheng who, in exchange for Audrey, wants some component from the nukes since it will give him access to Russian technology and defense codes, we guess. Jack calls Chloe for help in retrieving the circuit board, later called a subcircuit board. The info is in Morris’s report, on his computer. She sidles over and surreptitiously sends it to Jack’s phone. Morris notices someone accessed his files and downloaded the nukes schematics. Chloe admits it but excuses it away because Jack gave his word that he wouldn’t let Cheng have the board. Morris is prepared to tell Bill, so Chloe fesses up.

Wayne thinks there’s no need to hide in the bunker anymore. There’s also no need to work with the VP anymore. Wayne can’t lead effectively with him questioning everything he does. He asks for Daniels’ resignation. Since Wayne knows about the conspiracy to commit perjury, Daniels goes off to write it up. Jack tells the nuke guards the building has been compromised and he has a presidential order to confiscate the board and they believe him. Ricky bursts in with CTU thugs. He and Jack have a shouting match until Jack is “subdued.” Jack should have worked out a game plan with CTU. He goes crying to Wayne, offering to sacrifice himself if he has to.

It’s the guilt card that works. They were willing to hand Jack over sixteen hours ago and he went willingly. Jack asks for Ricky’s help in making sure Audrey is safe while he sees about killing Cheng. Ricky, like the rest of us, can’t believe Jack would compromise the world for some woman. Jack begs to differ. It isn’t about what he has with a woman. Audrey has served the country, bla bla. Huh? They put a tracking signal on the component. At a press conference, Wayne collapses from a cerebral hemorrhage. The VP pockets his resignation and makes CTU shut down the operation. Jack pulls a gun on Ricky. He shot Curtis earlier. He won’t hesitate now. He goes rogue, leaving Ricky behind. Quote of the hour: “I didn’t think you’d back me up. Obviously I was right.”


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