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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost : Catch 22

Lost. 3.17. In the flashback, we learn why Desmond calls everyone “brother.” It’s from his time spent in a monastery preparing to become a monk. He and his Brothers made wine from the Moriah Vineyards, probably in Scotland since Main Brother also had the accent. One day some guy enters and punches Desmond. Turns out he’s Derek, the lower case brother of Ruth who couldn’t seem to decide whether she was Irish or Scottish. Desmond dated Ruth for six years and was engaged to marry her but left a week before the wedding. He claims to have had a “greater calling.” I didn’t buy it any more than Ruth did. Next time “just tell the girl you’re too bloody scared.” When Main Brother finds Desmond drunk on their expensive wine of a limited supply, he fires him. Desmond’s final act is to help pack up the wine crates in a customer’s van. Enter Penny.

On the island, Desmond has a puzzle flash thingie where Charlie is shot in the neck by an arrow and dies. This time, Desmond wants the flash to happen because he thinks it leads to Penny’s arrival. He enlists Hurley, Jin and Charlie to hunt down the cable. Despite the prospect of being “kabobed by one of Rousseau’s spiky death trap things,” they go. Their little camping trip includes a ghost story in Korean interrupted by sounds of a helicopter overhead. The chopper falls into the ocean, suggesting that there’s some magnetic field or similar that makes it impossible for any plane or boat to make it to or over this island. Since the guys see a beacon, the pilot seems to have bailed pre-crash. After some debate, they agree to search for her, as Desmond is sure it’s Penny, at daybreak.

Kate doesn’t know what to do with herself so she decides to do the dishes. Jack assures her not to worry. “I’m sure something will go wrong soon enough.” When he takes oatmeal to Juliet, Kate becomes jealous and turns to Sawyer who doesn’t mind being used but would rather she was honest about it so he didn’t have to make mix tapes. Or steal them from Bernard. The next day the campers start their hike. When Charlie steps on the trip wire, Desmond yells at him to duck, then pushes him out of the way, then worries he’s changed the future. Charlie’s not so happy Desmond planned on sacrificing him. They find the pilot hanging in her parachute from a tree. There’s a Portuguese copy of Catch 22 and a dead satellite phone in her bag. The book contains a picture of Desmond and Penny. The pilot isn’t Penny but she does know Desmond’s name. Line of the episode “You two arguing over who’s your favorite Other?” eclipsed by Hurley’s “This is future crap, innit?”


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