The Universe and Me

Thursday, April 05, 2007

24 : 9 - 10 p.m.

24. 6.16. The best name the writers could think of for Fayed’s country was “Fayed’s Country.” They’ve completely given up, haven’t they? Just out of a coma, Wayne leaps into a suit and tie and hops over to the bunker (unless the medical facilities were already there) to hear the cabinet debate on whether he’s in possession of his faculties. The 25th amendment is purposely vague. They need a majority vote, not a split, which is what they get. The VP thinks one vote is invalid since Karen resigned. She was never formally reinstated and he doesn’t recognize her. Wayne refuses to allow him to steal the presidency. They’ll have to recall the Supreme Court into session to determine whether Karen is still employed.

The VP never questioned Karen before and treated her the same. His inaction suggests he accepted her. His secretary Lisa offers to perjure herself. But Tom once again stuns us by protecting the country. He’s planted a microtransmitter in the room and recorded the conversation. The VP must give up. Chloe appears to have spent the first half of the episode out to dinner or catching a cat nap. Ricky’s somewhat sorry he and Nadia got off to a bad start which she’s more likely to call assault. The wrong security parameters were logged on Milo’s computer. Nadia agrees to get evidence, or betray him for his own good. After looking at a few screens, she determines Milo forgot to refresh the parameters. Ricky fixes it so no one need know. They need Milo on board this sinking ship, he reasons.

Jack has Gredenko set up a meeting with Fayed. CTU places an isotope in Gredenko’s arm to track him. Fayed sends a text message. They’re to meet at some fairground’s Building J. I don’t know how Gredenko knew which building that was. Once there, he informs Fayed that he’s being tracked. Was there anyone who couldn’t guess his next move? That’s a lot more dedication to one’s job than seems necessary. Jack finds the hacked off arm and follows the blood trail, calling for a perimeter. In a nearby pub Gredenko strangely rats out Fayed who shoots until he runs out of bullets, whereupon the patrons start beating him up. Jack enters and orders them to back off. Gredenko sneaks out, staggers to a nearby pier and collapses. Wayne decides he won’t be seen as weak. He’s going ahead with the strike.


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