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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lost : Left behind

Lost. 3.15. In the flashback, Kate’s car breaks down in Iowa. At the nearest station, she runs into Sawyer’s ex, Cassidy, trying to sell fake necklaces and keeps a mark from calling the police. Helping a sister or avoiding the cops? Cassidy guesses the answer. Kate really wants to talk to her mother. In a fake wig, pretending to be selling Bibles, Cassidy approaches Mom’s house and is mobbed by feds lying in wait. Kate ends up confessing what she did. She wants to know why her mother betrayed her, choosing her step father over her. It is a good question, since the abusive man is dead. Why keep defending him? Cassidy arranges a ladies room meeting between the women and all Mom can say is she feels Kate murdered him for Kate, not her. Later Cassie mentions she’s pregnant with her own betrayer’s baby. Kate suggests she have him arrested.

On the island, Locke informs Kate he’s leaving with the Others, wherever they’re going. They told him what she did. “Forgiveness is not one of their strong suits.” Wouldn’t appear to be one of Locke’s either. The Others put on gas masks and throw a canister in Kate’s room. When she wakes, she and Juliet are inexplicably handcuffed together out in the jungle. Even weirder, the Others left a jackknife in Juliet’s pocket. On their way back to the village, it begins to rain. Kate takes offense at Juliet’s objection that she’s returning for Jack and they have a catfight, seemingly placed in the mud for the male viewers. Juliet says Jack saw Kate with Sawyer and it broke his heart. So he went out and played a spirited game of football with Tom? The smoke monster chases them, flashing a strange light at Juliet. They manage to keep it outside the village’s sonic fence, then find Jack and Sayid. Jack didn’t need Kate’s help and is now stuck there because of her. They decide to return to the beach but Sayid isn’t thrilled with Juliet tagging along, even though the Others left her too.

At the beach, Hurley mentions there’s been some chatter. More specifically, the Lostaways want to vote to banish Sawyer unless he makes amends. He doesn’t do amends. He tries to fish but quickly realizes amends would be easier than gutting fish. His way of sucking up to Claire is to tell her Aaron is “not as wrinkly as a couple weeks ago.” He hunts with Desmond and they shoot a boar. Hurley ends up telling him there was never going to be a vote, but “wasn’t it nice being nice?” Actually, without Jack, they need Sawyer as their temporary leader. “What the hell are you smoking?” Sawyer wonders. Line of the episode, Kate’s: “Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell’s going on.”


  • At 12:29 PM, July 20, 2015, Blogger Juanita's Journal said…

    Have you forgotten what Kate had confessed in "What Kate Did"? Her reason for murdering Wayne Jansen had NOTHING to do with saving her mother from abuse. Kate murdered Wayne because she found out that this drunken lout is her biological father. Kate couldn't face the reality of this blood connection, so she murdered the man in cold blood, blew up the Jensen's home and committed insurance fraud so that her mother Diane could profit from her act of murder.

    Kate was NOT INTERESTED in saving her mother. She was only interested in preserving the illusions of her family bloodline. And in the end, she proved to be ten times the monster than her father was ever perceived.


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