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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lost : D.O.C.

Lost. 3.18. In the flashback, Sun is accosted by a woman who knows Jin’s parents are a fisherman and a hooker. She wants money to keep it quiet. When Sun asks Jin about his discrepancy with saying his father died when he was sixteen versus when he was in the army, he loses his temper. What a surprise. Rather than deal with his wrath, she tracks down his father. The mother, who apparently got around, left her baby with him. He’s not sure if he’s Jin’s father but felt he should raise him because no one else would care for him. Sun approaches her father for the blackmail money. He’ll only agree if Jin works for him personally. Sun, who’s aware what her father does, accepts the terms. Jin discovers the envelope of money. Sun lies and says it was for their furniture and honeymoon, wounding his pride. Sun later delivers the money to the woman who she’s already figured out is Jin’s mother.

On the island, Sun is creeped out by Jack checking on her condition. She mentions to Kate that Jack seems different. What if the Others want her baby and Jack is working with them? Instead it probably ties into the research Juliet is doing. Sun confronts her about what happens to pregnant women and is told they all die. But wait. Only if they conceived on the island. If Sun accompanies her to the medical hatch, they can do ultrasound to determine the D.O.C. Which Sun needs to do anyway to figure out if Jin is truly the father since he’s been diagnosed infertile and she had an affair. The good news: the baby was conceived on the island. The bad news: no other woman survived into the third trimester. While at the medical hatch, Juliet leaves a message for Ben that she’s working on getting samples from the other women.

Parachute Girl is bleeding to death from a branch puncturing her lung. Hurley mistakenly fires the flare gun. Oops. It brings Patch running to the campers. After a brief stare down, he runs. Jin chases and tackles him. Nice kick. Everyone’s confused because Patch “already died once this week.” Apparently on the island the “rules are a bit different.” He offers to help Parachute Girl if they let him go. When her lung is fixed, she says something in Portuguese that Patch translates as “thank you” even though it sure didn’t sound like it. Apparently she said she’s not alone. Patch tries to steal the fancy radio phone thingie but they catch him. He had to try. Parachute Girl tells the guys that the crashed Oceanic flight 815 was found and there were no survivors. What? Line of the episode: Juliet’s final words for Ben, “I hate you.”


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