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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lost : One of Us

Lost. 3.16. In the flashback, Juliet starts her new job. If Ethan’s such a great doctor, why is he retrieving and carrying her bags (and during the plane crash, seemingly fixing her house’s wiring?) Because he’s such a nice guy? They won’t tell her where she’s going, just that it’s “special” and that she’s “gonna want to be asleep for the trip” which can be “intense.” She willingly drinks the tranquilized OJ and wakes in the sub. Ben escorts her ashore. Soon she’s assisting in surgery, trying to save a woman possibly named Sabine who dies. Ben doesn’t seem sympathetic (what a surprise), figuring Sabine knew the risk and it was her choice to get pregnant. Juliet feels she can’t help anymore. She can’t figure out why pregnancy kills all the women. But Henry informs her that her sister Rachel’s cancer has returned and she’ll be dead in three months unless Juliet stays on the island. Then Jacob, whoever he is, will cure her.

Time goes by and Juliet discovers Ben’s tumor. If no one on the island’s ever had cancer, why does he now? Juliet wonders if he lied about Jacob’s miraculous ability to cure Rachel. Ben insists he didn’t and after the plane crashes, takes her to Patch’s place, making sure Patch hears him say “We’re approaching the house, don’t shoot us.” Why would Patch shoot at all? Only the Others and Danielle were at that time living on the island. Anyway, Ben orders Patch to get files on all the passengers, then shows Juliet a video of her sister and two year old nephew Julian. I found it chilling when Juliet said the “mothers keep dying” and Ben said “then we’ll find more mothers,” like he viewed women as expendable lab rats to experiment on. And look, here’s a plane with a bunch of women to use. So why didn’t they steal all the women? They seemed more focused on children and “good” people. At any rate, we learned Juliet and Goodwin were involved. And he did seem good, as did all the Others. So why are they all psycho killers?

On their way back to the beach, Sayid is full of questions. Juliet figures if she told him everything, he’d kill her. The island curing cancer but killing pregnant women isn’t anything to kill over, so what’s really going on there? Jack gets all protective of Juliet even though she’s never given him cause, other than being a pretty female. It’s especially odd because we’re clued in that Jack knows Juliet lied about being gassed. She dragged Kate into the jungle on purpose.

At the beach, Claire falls ill. The three men and a baby (Sawyer counted Hugo twice) don’t know what to do. Juliet explains Claire’s immune system is turning on her. Ethan kidnapped her to give her a drug designed to keep her alive in the late stages of pregnancy. (Did Danielle also have this drug?) Every pregnant woman on the island dies, which makes the future grim for Sun. (Is anyone going to tell Sun? Or all the other women? Shouldn’t they have been informed as soon as they crashed?) Juliet says she can use the serum in Ethan’s hidden medical supplies to cure Claire. The camp’s moral police (Sayid and Sawyer) are suspicious, but the case really does contain medical supplies and Juliet saves Claire. Or so it seems. Viewers learn that before the Others left, Ben and Juliet arranged to set it up so it looked like that so she’d be accepted into the Lostaway camp. They’ll meet up in a week. Quote of the episode: Ben re Carrie: “Boy is it depressing.”


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