The Universe and Me

Thursday, May 17, 2007

24 : 3 - 4 a.m.

24. 6.22. As the Chinese herd the CTU staff off into a holding room, inexplicably rather than killing them, Jack, Nadia and Morris fight back and, surprise, win. Reasoning that he knows the building’s schematics better than anyone, Jack’s sure he can find the kidnappers. He traces them through the sewers from which they came. Back in the refinery, Grandpa Stretch calls to talk with and apologize to Josh who hasn’t forgotten he was about to kill him. Stretch says he was merely being convincing so he could escape. He really wants to protect Josh by taking him away from this ungrateful country. He seems to think China will appreciate them more. Jack sees the Chinese getaway car and starts to shoot so they have to evacuate. He chases them up to the roof. Cheng runs out of bullets but Josh has fallen and is hanging by a chain so Jack has to save him while Cheng escapes.

And then CTU sets up a perimeter. Um, late much? After finding out Papa Bauer is still involved, Jack realizes they must find out where he is. Meanwhile they Russians are on the move. Bishop nearly accesses Lisa’s PDA but suspicion or something makes him hesitate long enough for Lisa to go ballistic about his betrayal and smash him over the head with a wine bottle, then a lamp. Tom and the Secret Service crew move in just before Bishop strangles Lisa, but not before oxygen to her brain was compromised. Tom forces Bishop to send the Russians e-mail. Papa Stretch is unimpressed with Cheng’s operational incapacities and refuses to give him the circuit board. He’s not afraid of threats, either.

Division sends Ben to assess the security breach. Nadia feels guilty about Milo’s death. In a conference with the VP, Subaru wants proof the subcircuit board was destroyed. When VP can’t provide it, Subaru says he knows Bishop sent fake material because he was under surveillance. If the Russians don’t have the board back in two hours, they’ll attack. Papa Bauer calls VP on a scrambled line. He wants Josh and a clear passage out of the country in exchange for the board. Someone mentions how there may be more Russian generals besides the late Gredenko involved in this mess of a plot. Ricky takes Josh as three guys hold back Jack. Only three? It’s been a long day, indeed. Still no word on the fate of either Logan.


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