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Monday, May 21, 2007

Lost : Greatest hits

Lost. 3.21. The brief flashbacks concerned some of Charlie’s fondest memories in life. Learning to swim. Hearing Drive Shaft’s song on the radio. Liam giving him a family heirloom. Saving a woman, who turned out to be Nadia, from a mugger. And meeting Claire. It’s the learning to swim one, and subsequently saying he was the junior swim champ of Northern England, that is confusing because he said on at least two other occasions that he didn’t know how to swim. Either the writers have given up on continuity, or Charlie lies.

Jack informs the Lostaways that, thanks to Juliet, they know the Others are coming tomorrow. Hiding is pointless. He’s enlisted Rousseau’s help in bringing dynamite to place in the tents the Others will search. They don’t know that Ben told his camp Locke had an accident and Jacob wants the raid to happen now. If Juliet isn’t ready, they’ll take all the women. If any Lostaway men get in the way, they’ll kill them. Hearing this, Alex runs to Carl who canoes over to inform the beach camp. Jack decides to lead all but three people up to the radio tower. The three left behind will serve as dynamite shooters. At the radio tower, they’ll try send a message to Naomi’s freighter. Juliet says the Others are jamming all frequencies with the Looking Glass hatch. She’s never been there. Some accident occurred and the station was flooded, but it still works. Isn’t that convenient?

Charlie’s pleased to hear from Naomi (who is from Manchester now?) that Drive Shaft’s career was resurrected after his “death,” and sort of pleased to hear that Desmond’s latest future flash involved Claire and the baby leaving the island via helicopter. Sort of, because Charlie has to die for it to happen. He must switch off a blinking yellow light in a hatch, but drowns doing so. When Jack asks for volunteers to dive to the Looking Glass, Charlie knows it’s his fate. Never mind that, since the Looking Glass is connected to the island by a cable, it would be much easier to cut the cable. Desmond goes with to help paddle, or something, and ends up offering to take Charlie’s place, for which he gets a whack upside the head. Charlie swims down to the hatch and finds a room with air and a couple women with guns who start shooting at him. Quote of the episode: “Why does everything have to be such a secret?”


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