The Universe and Me

Friday, May 25, 2007

24 : 4 - 5 a.m.

24. 6.23. Ricky’s confident they’ll recover Josh as soon as they have the circuitboard because they’ve jabbed a tracking device in him. The tracker made me seriously wonder if Josh would see the light of day with all of his limbs. Jack convinces Karen that Papa Bauer is planning to manipulate the exchange. She enlists Bill’s help. Papa Bauer demands CTU turn off its satellite feed. Josh’s tracker is on an internal monitor, so they’ll still be able to see where he is. Nadia passes along the security code to Karen so she can view the transaction. Thinking it might make some of the viewers care about her, Marilyn throws a hissy fit. A car forces Turner, who’s taking Jack into custody, off the road. Turns out it’s Bill who demands Jack’s release as Jack’s sneaking up behind Turner. He didn’t have to ask twice.

Some guy named Stewart, or Stuart, saunters into CTU and receives a sympathetic hug from Chloe. He’s Milo’s brother, possibly adopted because they look nothing alike, who disappears as quickly as he appears and left us wondering what the point was. Karen’s access is shut down and she’s about to be arrested. But she’s learned to never negotiate with a sociopath. A couple guys in a boat interrupt Ricky and Josh’s picnic. One hands Ricky the subcircuitboard. As he’s verifying it, the thing blows up in his face. Jack and Bill arrive but Josh has been spirited away in the boat and his tracker removed. Jack’s sure the boat must be meeting up with a larger vessel and this is a really convenient time for him to remember Papa Bauer owns some oil platform. Chloe collapses. Quote of the hour: “It blew!” Yeah, kind of like season 6.


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