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Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost : The brig

Lost. 3.19. The flashback backs up to Locke’s being shown Cooper who Ben says Locke brought there. Even though Ben warns him not to get too close, Locke does and Cooper bites his hand. Charming guy. The Others are leaving in the morning to go to a new/old place. Ben invites Locke. Ben seems somewhat infatuated with Locke, enough to say, “The minute you showed up, I started to feel pins and needles.” But before he can be ready to learn all about the island, Locke must release the hold his father has over him. This then switched to the more sinister: to join the Others, Lock must show a gesture of commitment by killing Cooper. Couldn’t they just exchange rings in a nice civil ceremony? Cooper strangely goads Locke on to kill him. He doesn’t spare his captor either and calls Ben “bug eyes.” Locke’s not a killer and balks. Ben’s disappointed. Locke must not be who they thought he was. The strangest thing about this scene was all the Others, even the children, gathering to watch the execution. But they’re the Good Guys. Sure. Richard then tells Locke that Ben purposely embarrassed him so the camp would see him fail. Locke’s extremely special but Ben doesn’t want him to think so. Richard gives him Sawyer’s file. The Others camp is on the move again. Ben tells Locke not to follow unless he’s carrying the dead Cooper on his back.

Sawyer notices Hurley and Jin acting strange. Before he can think about it, Locke shows up, back from his “gonna blow up everything that could get us off the island tour.” Locke wants to make it clear he’s infiltrated the Others camp, not joined them. Okay Tarzan. He claims he’s kidnapped Ben and wants Sawyer to kill him since he’s killed before, something Locke found out from the file the Others mysteriously acquired. Sawyer would rather not but Locke assures him he will after he hears what “Ben” has to say. Locke takes Sawyer to the Black Rock, which looked completely different, and locks him in a room with a hooded captive who turns out, of course, to be Cooper. Rousseau makes a brief appearance, dropping by to pick up some dynamite. For? Cooper says he was driving in Tallahassee when his car was smashed into. He was placed in an ambulance and woke up on the island. Among many alias’s he chose Tom Sawyer because Huck Finn was taken. How ‘bout that. More surprising, after everything he’s been through, Sawyer still has the letter he wrote as a child. Cooper isn’t impressed. Sawyer’s dad overreacted. He’s convinced the island is Hell, something the writers have denied many times. When Cooper rips up the letter, Sawyer strangles him. He had it coming, indeed. Before setting off on his own private journey, Locke gives Sawyer the tape Juliet made which Ben deliberately gave to Locke seemingly to set Juliet up. The Others will raid the beach in three days and take all the pregnant women. Sawyer must warn them.

Desmond doesn’t trust Jack enough to tell him about Parachute Girl who the campers have snuck back to the Beach Camp. Sayid would be a better bet. Parachute Girl, Naomi, claims she was part of a search and recovery team hired by Penny, based on a freighter ship. The entire Oceanic plane was found, complete with bodies, off Bali. She was given co-ordinates to the middle of the ocean, choppered there and saw land. The instruments started spinning, so she bailed. Sayid’s questions give her an immediate dislike of him. So much that she tells him, “Remind me not to rescue you.” Sayid fixes her phone thingie but there’s interference blocking any signal. Kate shows up. Though they ask her to keep it quiet, she immediately blabs to Jack and Juliet who seem to have their own secret that they don’t feel it’s time to share. More bewildering: how Juliet, who’s known Ben for three years, could trust him. We won’t miss her smug, superior grins.


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