The Universe and Me

Sunday, May 27, 2007

24 : 5 - 6 a.m.

24. 6.24. Chloe downplays her illness. A thermal scan of the platform proves it’s the group they’re after because who else would be out there at that hour of the morning? The government decides to launch an air strike, despite the fact that little Josh won’t survive it. One innocent kid has to be written off as an acceptable loss. It’s not acceptable to Jack. Bill accompanies him as he commandeers/steels a helicopter. Nadia uploads info on how many hostiles and where to Jack’s handy PDA. Papa Bauer can’t believe Josh is behaving like a child. Next time he should kidnap someone his own age. Josh hits him with a wrench, takes his gun and shoots him as Jack arrives on the scene. Jack sends Josh back to the chopper. There’s no time for him to carry Papa Bauer back. He must be left to die in the explosive air strike.

Jack jumps to the chopper as everything blows up. One destroyed platform makes it seem likely enough the circuitboard has been destroyed, so the Russians back off. Gullible much? Jack drops from the chopper into the ocean and swims to shore. He has his jack sack/purse, so we’re certain he’ll be fine. The VP drops charges against Karen and Bill, allowing them to resign with their reputations in tact. Chloe is pregnant. “With child?” Morris asks. No, with a laptop. Better question might be who’s the father? Cheng’s in CTU custody but is sure his people won’t abandon him the way Jack was. Jack’s gone off for a showdown with Heller who knows Jack can’t walk away from work and Audrey will end up paying the price. As if she hasn’t already. Series ends with Jack walking off into the sunrise. Yawn.


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