The Universe and Me

Thursday, May 03, 2007

24 : 1 - 2 a.m.

24. 6.20. Audrey’s non-responsive and post-traumatic. In other words, normal. Nadia refuses Morris’s request to sit across the classroom from Chloe, or be transferred. She can’t indulge his personal melodrama and would rather he kept his personal life to himself. President Subaru sets up a conference with the VP. He’s heard the trouble news and threatens action if the component isn’t recovered. The VP doesn’t appreciate being dictated to, especially when a Russian general brought the weapons in the country. More worrying, how did Subaru find out? There must be a spy either in the White House or CTU. Lisa goes home for a quick rendezvous with her boyfriend who isn’t the VP by a long shot. Chen has a pal run a diagnostic on the component. He finds the circuitboard damaged. Someone needs to fix it, but who?

Morris ditches Chloe. She’s devastated and her chair is empty the rest of the hour. We somehow doubt she’s gone home for a nap. Dr Bradley, a psychiatric specialist from District diagnosis Audrey as a type 3 catatonic. I was wondering why they didn’t cover her with a blankie until they had to make note of the hundred or so injection sites on her. Bradley wants to shock her out of her state with more drugs, but that could kill her. Ricky suggests Jack talk to her but Bradley doesn’t like having his toes stepped on. So Ricky goes behind everyone’s back and uncuffs Jack, who then renders him unconscious and fights his way to medical. The VP calls Lisa back even before Tom informs him the leak is at the White House. Years ago they flagged a lobbyist named Mark Bishop. Lisa’s made lots of calls and hotel trysts with Bishop recently. The VP confesses he’s also seeing Lisa. “You understand how these things happen.” Something tells me, no, Tom doesn’t.

Jack spirits Audrey to the lower levels. The CTU guys weld through the door and there’s another yelling stand off complete with the phrase “Lower your weapon.” Audrey mumbles out the name Bloomfield which turns out to be a copper refining facility. There were traces of copper on her clothes. The VP confronts Lisa about Bishop. She tries to say he’s an acquaintance but VP won’t be insulted. She’s to get the component from him or he’ll have her declared an enemy combatant. Heller appears from the bottom of the bay. He doesn’t want Jack near Audrey ever again. The condition she’s in is Jack’s fault. No matter that she went looking for him. The most attuned if obvious phrase of the entire series: Heller to Jack: “You’re cursed. Everything you touch one way or another ends up dead.”


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