The Universe and Me

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Don't drink the water

Movie: War of the Worlds. The aliens are back and they’re mad. And they’ve decided to exterminate us for some reason. Perhaps because if our behaviour in this movie is anything to judge by, humanity deserves it. The reviews weren’t very kind, but I found this spectacular CGI fest entertaining, despite its many glaring flaws. It isn’t until the movie’s way too abrupt ending that one’s brain is freed from the visual candy and starts asking questions. Like, how did the son miraculously return home when we last saw him in a huge fireball battle? And if the aliens had any intelligence, wouldn’t they be aware of earth’s bacteria and know how to deal with it? And was Wells suggesting that the millions of humans who have succumbed to earth’s bacteria over the centuries deserved death as much as hostile aliens because they were unable to adapt? Clearly no one consulted logic. Oh well. Pass some of that peach schnapps this way. Best exchange: “This came from someplace else.” “Like Europe?” Let’s hope pretty boy Tom Cruise is a better father in real life than his character here. But what are the odds, really?


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