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Friday, November 18, 2005

Lost : The Other 48 Days

Lost: 2.7. Those were a lot of days to cram in one hour with commercials. We learned that Mr Eko talked freely until he was nearly kidnapped and, in defense, killed a couple Others. Some interview said to pay attention to Eko’s stick. The music got very dramatic the first time it was shown. And then Eko started carving something in it. Beyond that, its importance is a mystery, like everything else. Libby spent a year in med school but dropped out. Wasn’t Desmond a med school drop out too? And Jack attended med school. Who wants to bet Libby knows at least one of them? Her setting the broken leg had an even greater Ewww Factor than Eko’s clearing the dead bodies. So Goodwin says he’s from the Peace Corps and is surprised Ana knows what that organization is. Am I old or was that confusing? Don’t younger people know about the Peace Corps? When Nathan doesn’t want to go to the bathroom in pairs, he becomes suspect. Saying he’s from Canada doesn’t help his case, since Ethan also was from Canada. Ana digs that Interrogation Pit all by herself and tosses him in. But she’s not a savage. At least not today. Goodwin, on the other hand, breaks Nathan’s neck much the same as he did the chicken’s.

Moving on, the Tailaways stumble upon their own private hatch which has quarantine written on the inside of the door. Libby can’t understand why there’s a glass eye in there. Me either. They can use the conveniently placed radio, though, providing they move to higher ground. Ana offers to go with Goodwin and bravely allows him to borrow the old US Army pocket knife she found on the Other girl she killed. Goodwin seems to think the Others aren’t necessarily attacking, so much as just dragging off into the jungle and there’s no real harm done. When Ana wonders if Bernard saw him so he had to pretend to be one of the Tailaways, Goodwin explains those taken were good people. The kids are “fine” and “better off.” During a struggle, he stumbles down the hill and falls on Ana’s spear. She brings the radio back to the gang and they pick up Boone’s transmission but Ana thinks it’s the Others trying to draw them out. Cindy spies Jin washed up on the beach and the rest is history.

For having spent 48 days on this freaky island, the Tailaways, unlike the Lostaways, did not experience the strange whispers, the monster, the “security system,” the insane French chick, etc. I also still find it strange that Ana would be so quick to fire the gun. In next week’s previews, she admits to killing Shannon, but she also fires the gun again, seemingly into the air. It has been stated several times that the gun only had one bullet. Unless there’s a munitions store nearby, someone can’t count. It’s still ambiguous whether Nathan was an Other or not. And if there are several groups of Others. And the extent of their involvement in all this. To infiltrate the group within ten minutes of the crash, The Others must have known about, if not caused it. Next up: I dunno. I’m completely lost.


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