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Friday, November 11, 2005

Lost : Abandoned

Lost: 2.6. It's back and my life has meaning again! Without Eko, Ana (aka Ponce de Leon) is as lost as the rest of us. It isn’t until he and Mike and “Chewie” return to the group that they’re able to find their bearings. The guys mention seeing The Others and, before Ana can silence her, Libby asks if they saw the kids. We learn Libby is a clinical psychologist, not a shrink. But to get to the Lostaways, Eko says they have to travel inland, through the jungle which apparently belongs to The Others. Ana’s comment “I liked you better when you weren’t talking,” must be a clue. It’s possible Eko had some physical problem similar to Locke’s and was miraculously cured by the island. This would explain why his senses of hearing and sight seem to be heightened. Ana tells the Rafters that The Others came the first night and took three of the Tailaways. Two weeks later they took nine. She’s convinced they’re smart and they’re animals. What’s more, they have the ability to be anywhere, anytime and one bullet isn’t going to stop them. Sawyer collapses and Mike has the nerve or stupidity to ask, “You okay?” Um, I think not. The man’s suffering from septic shock. The group is clever enough to build a makeshift stretcher. As they’re dragging the stretcher and themselves up a cliff, Cindy the flight attendant hands Libby a stick and then disappears. Ooh spooky. Then the spookier whispers start and Ana, gun at the ready, thinks they best run.

On the Lostaway beach, Shannon has a vision of Walt talking backwards again which is creepy enough to make anyone scream. Let’s not forget his stepfather couldn’t deal with Walt’s creepiness & passed him over to Michael. Shannon’s sure Walt’s in trouble and Vincent, a Labrador not a bloodhound, can track him down. Despite the fact that I’m talking to my television, telling her she might want to think twice before heading into the jungle which contains at least one murderous monster, she takes off. During her search, she remembers being called to the hospital and told her father died in an accident. And look, which she didn’t, there’s Jack rushing past her and Sabrina, her wicked stepmother. Boone returns for the funeral but can’t help with stepmother who’s seen to it she doesn’t receive a cent. Back on the beach, Ruth doesn’t like the hatch. Charlie’s a little testy with Claire who realizes she doesn’t know him very well. She mentions the Mary statue to Locke, how ‘bout that, so when Charlie says Claire has a lot to learn about responsibility, Locke’s not afraid to call those strong words for an addict. Or a recovering addict. Sayid chases after Shannon and after professing his love for her also sees Walt who’s telling them to be quiet. Shannon tries to run to Walt and a shot rings out.

Now, this is even stranger than Cindy’s disappearance. Shannon’s been shot in the stomach but she’s facing the jungle. She turns around when Sayid finds her. His back is to Ana who’s holding her gun up as if she shot Shannon. But if she had, wouldn’t Shannon’s wound be in her back, not stomach? I watched this twice and was confused both times. Unless the force of the shot caused Shannon to turn in the first place. And why would Ana shoot at all when she said before that one bullet wasn’t going to stop The Others. Well, whatever. Shannon goes the way of Boone and Sayid is heartbroken and dang mad, I’d say. Best line came from Boone: “Death sucks, doesn’t it?” Yes, and so does your hairstyle, man! Next up: What happened when the Tailaways crashed.
Saturday update: I stand - or sit - corrected. I watched the final scene again last night and Sayid doesn't turn around. The camera does. So Ana Lucia could very well have fired the fatal shot. But will we ever find out for sure?


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